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Amino Acids
Amino Max 1500

Amino Max 1500 supplies full - spectrum amino acids, in natural-balance from Triple source Protein including: Natural Gelatin, Soy and Whey.

Incorporate Amino Max 1500 into your daily nutritional regimen to ensure essential amino acid intake.

Per Tablet:
L-alanine160 mg
L-arginine129 mg
L-aspartic Acid99 mg
L-cysteine0.55 mg
L-glutamic Acid171 mg
Glycine383 mg
L-histidine11 mg
L-hydroxylysine11 mg
L-hydroxypropylmethyl186 mg
L-isoleucine24 mg
L-leucine52 mg
L-lysine169 mg
L-methionine9 mg
L-ornithine25 mg
L-phenylalanine37 mg
L-proline219 mg
L-serine55 mg
L-threonine35 mg
L-tryptophan0.55 mg
L-tyrosine6 mg
L-valine41 mg

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